Live. Learn. Earn

This election is about a clear plan for the City of Montgomery. A vision that is inclusive of all citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status or neighborhood. From reopening community centers to incentivizing businesses to come to Montgomery to tackling public safety, it’s time to create opportunities for all Montgomerians to thrive. I am prepared to take on the tough challenges and lead; making this a city of first choices and not last resorts.

A promise isn’t worth much without a plan, so here’s mine:

Montgomery needs a new generation of leadership. We need innovative leaders with bold ideas to transform our city and region in order to move the city forward. We must address the issues of public safety, jobs, education, and the local economy that will hinder the growth of our city for years to come. We can’t consistently elect the same people with the same ideas and expect different results.

I want to build a Montgomery that’s thriving, not just surviving. A thriving city only exists when its citizens feel safe. Families shouldn’t have to worry about safety in their neighborhoods or whether their communities will be overrun by car thefts, gun violence, vandalism, and drugs.  We need a common sense approach to public safety that is fair and practical. Our law enforcement agencies must be well-staffed, well-trained, and provided salaries that are competitive with the national average for the work they do.

If elected, I will advocate for hiring more police officers and better-funded youth programs. I will also repurpose community centers and expand community-based mental health services. We’ll focus on smart policing, by using data-driven methods, that prevent crimes in our neighborhoods.

Every child deserves a high-quality, world-class education that will prepare them for life. That starts with investing in a high quality all-day universal Pre-K program for every four-year-old in our system. As a proud graduate of the Montgomery Public School system where I was adequately prepared for college and a career, I strongly believe every child in Montgomery deserves the same opportunities I was afforded through public education. Whether they’re preparing for a career, military service, vocational training, or post-secondary education, every child needs to be ready to succeed.

I know that not every student wants to go to college. Working together with the school system, I will push for apprenticeship programs available to students that will develop a highly-skilled workforce upon graduation for jobs available right here in Montgomery and expand career pathways. I want to provide wraparound services and resources that encompass the entire student’s well-being.

Our public school teachers also deserve our support. If elected, I’ll be engaged with our education system and work to bring together parents, educators, and the community to make sure every student has the resources they need to succeed in school and shape Montgomery’s future.  When we invest in education, we provide opportunities for the future.

We have to create real opportunity for everyday people in Montgomery. It starts with good jobs that pay a liveable wage. If elected, I’ll fight to expand job training programs and resources, educational opportunities, and social services that create direct access to jobs that allow residents to support their households and their families.

I’ll also work to make economic development a priority. We’ll encourage companies to move here by being a partner in their successes, and we’ll incentivize local business ownership and entrepreneurial growth. We’ll support small businesses,  startups, and  partner with companies that are already here by helping to incubate and innovate their business plans for the future

We must invest in our neighborhoods by revamping the public transportation system, eliminating the food deserts that exist in specific communities, repairing streets and sidewalks, and ensuring that each citizen has a better quality of life.  As a result, we’ll attract families to the city, including those stationed here for military duty, and build the local economy. We’ll create more pathways to homeownership for low-income to middle-class families to expand their wealth for generations to come.

We have so many talented artists in Montgomery. We are inspired by the arts all around, and we should invest in that. Broadway-styled plays, murals, and shows should be a regular occurrence in Montgomery.  The arts have the power to inspire us and foster a sense of community. In a city as diverse as Montgomery, the arts need our support, and if elected, I’ll do just that by bringing together resources from the city and investing in a Public Arts Program. We’ll enhance civic engagement around the arts and foster conversations to tackle some of our city’s biggest obstacles.

All too often Montgomery is looked over when national artists and events are in the region. We have an underused amphitheater in downtown Montgomery that if appropriately used could provide jobs for residents and continue to grow the downtown district. Using the amphitheater will spur business development that will overflow to our neighborhoods. We need a mayor who understands the economic engine that is right at our fingertips.

We’re losing talent to other cities and the next Mayor must promote innovation for families and communities. Our next Mayor must be prepared on day one to lead this world-class city. I stood up to bullies and fought for the people of Montgomery. When conservatives tried to deny equal access to our government to some of our citizens, I went all the way to the Supreme Court to fight them. I correctly stood up for the rule of law in our legal challenge to former AL Chief Justice Roy Moore over marriage equality. I’m committed to Montgomery, and I’ll never turn my back on this city. I’ll be by your side.

steven reed